To RefuAid υποστηρίζει το GIVMED

Μάρτιος 22, 2017, 8:55 μμ.

“Είμαστε εξαιρετικά περήφανοι που στηρίζουμε μία τέτοια κοινωνικά καινοτόμα, με ευρεία αποτελέσματα, πρωτοβουλία” - RefuAid 
Το RefuAid συνεργάζεται με τοπικές κοινότητες με στόχο τη στήριξη των προσφύγων - μία από αυτές και το GIVMED! 
Καθώς μεγαλώνει η κοινότητά μας και τα αποτελέσματα των δράσεών, τέτοιες συμμαχίες μας γεμίζουν νέες ιδέες για το τι ακόμα μπορούμε να πετύχουμε. 

Αναλυτικά η δημοσίευση από το RefuAid:

Last year we witnessed how hard it was for refugees and struggling Greek communities to access life-saving medication throughout Greece. Amongst other instances, we experienced first-hand the trauma of a mother unable to provide medication to her child due to the high costs of prescription medications. Following the success of our Social Pharmacy project in Katerini and in our continued endeavour to support free access to medication for refugees and host communities alike, we are honoured to be supporting GIVMED.

GIVMED is the first network of its kind to utilise excess medicines and technology so to benefit socially fragile groups throughout Greece and address this need.

We are proud to announce our partnership with GIVMED, a civil not-for-profit organisation based in Athens, Greece.

RefuAid have made a grant of £10,000 towards GIVMED's ongoing costs. All thanks to your donations, people in need will be able to access life-saving medication.

For more information on GIVMED and their innovative network please visit


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